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  1. Today
  2. TOURÉ

    if your willing to sell contact me 

    could help to fund your  rudiger fund

    1. NicShoneeBoy


      If 76m don't do it I don't want him lol.  Toure ain't for sale atm. 

  3. Yes! FB_IMG_1521807134879.thumb.jpg.5c66b4a7a1a75229afcaaaad5722617c.jpg

    1. koko


      Girl's drinks.

  4. Yesterday
  5. @Ashe5

    Pavon, 60m write it up :24:

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    2. Cloughy


      Charity case that 

      I thought you were dealing in profits :sneaky1:

    3. Ashe5


      Lol who showed you my books.. I knew id made a pfofit the minute i swapped him gor kondogbia

    4. alizawi


      Only because I allowed it

  6. Make an offer cash or trade diaby 

    1. koko


      You were putting him in the bin. I'll give you 1 million for him , doubt @The Vulture would be giving much more.

    2. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      Oh no @koko u didn':high1: thought u were one of the good guys 😂 

    3. koko


      Gimme a price so @GBR CRY, let me retire my boy where he belongs.

  7. I need Ziyech :22:

    49.5m and Harit? @The Vulture 🤞🙏

    1. Metalprawn666


      Pretty sure Ziyech is rated 84

    2. Best2005


      He is m8, sssshhhhh ;)

      I also thought AMFs could be 84 rated lol plus i dont slag it up like you lot :happy1:

  8. Last week
  9. New PUBG update looking good.

  10. I will post the results from last nights games tonight when I'm home lads @alizawi @czysty

    1. alizawi


      I'm in no rush to be reminded of that result. 

  11. I'll be online for league games this evening 

  12. Who's got Babacar!?!?

    1. Cloughy


      You won't believe me but I don't think anyone :g:

      Saving him for you Gonzo :shifty:

  13. Sad fly... :smiley26:   another season in lg1 for the Bantams.. 

    1. Dr.Gonzo



  14. Friendlys anyone 

  15. Just spent 77mill on a GK



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    2. Ultravires


      3 games in @Metalprawn666 think the rut isn't as bad as first expected. 

    3. Cloughy


      Looked good for it in our games mate. Made some great saves 

    4. Metalprawn666


      Not in the last match he didn't 

  16. Earlier
  17. Lmfao @mowgli77 Gucci gang kingpin 


    cant stop laughing @Don Raphael 007 

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    2. Ultravires


      what the fuck did i miss? 

    3. mowgli77


      wZExMJyS.jpgCruising for chicks in my XR2. 😎



      Gucci gan 

      @mowgli77 killing it Gucci gang kingpin lmfao 

  18. Easy sargy mate. We are currently full on the xbox side as the season has just started but you're on the reserve list with @rfc41ge for when someone drops out
  19. Arsenal's best investment this year was paying off the ref.. @koko what's going on there?!

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    2. Ultravires


      yeah seems arsenal get major grief for a dive yet other teams never make the papers for it. 

    3. koko


      Arsenal sell their papers and are perfect clickbait @Ultravires, simple as that. Gerrard and Rooney did it every other game and nothing was said, the media make excuses for Alli and Kane every week. 

    4. Ultravires


      England mate that's why England.

      Wait till the world cup and see who the papers pick as a scape goat when they can't pick on Arsenal for that. 

  20. Welcome bk sargey 👍
  21. after a break to sort things out im back and want to be back in the league please @OZMAZSTER @PANDA
  22. Good bids there lads :claps:

  23. Be on soon for league games @Corkdogg @ajuhlin @WICKID @GBR CRY @PANDA if you're about. 


    1. ajuhlin


      tonight mate if you still online, sitting in Denmark atm so wont be back in Sweden before 5 I think

    2. Corkdogg


      I'm online for a few games @koko

    3. koko


      Be there in 20 bud

  24. anyone online for some ps4 friendly's maybe a bit of fortnight

  25. @OZMAZSTER @Cloughy is the poachers bin up and running 🏃 

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      Lol not yet 

    3. Cloughy


      Nothing to do with me pal

      You've got 114m who is corkdogg selling!

    4. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      Don't matter now lads cheers had a few deals in the balance that would of taken me in the red

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