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  1. Sad fly... :smiley26:   another season in lg1 for the Bantams.. 

    1. Dr.Gonzo



  2. Snowed in.. Severe weather tonight, so stay safe people.

    1. Ultravires


      Get the snowman pics up for the unlucky ones at work at least mate. 

    2. Metalprawn666


      Chuck snowballs at your kids and the mrs lol 

  3. Got a blocked ear and it's annoying as hell!!  "Ear buds are the devil"!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Metalprawn666
    3. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      Is otex ear drops?

    4. Metalprawn666


      It is, horrible stuff but dissolves the wax. I have bad ears that block up frequently and have to use it 

  4. Bradford sack McCall 😭😭😭

    1. Cloughy


      Whose the replacement gonna be? That Wolff guy from Stuttgart was favourite to be our new manager and yours at one point yesterday :D


    2. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      I know mate I saw the wolf links.

      Think Grayson could be in the mix. 

      Wouldnt' be surprised if we brought a German in though...

  5. There's a player in the spare teams can we request them as an auction or just buy em?


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    2. Hammybiggs
    3. Ultravires


      who you after hammy? 


    4. Hammybiggs


      F. SANTANDER in spare teams bud play with him I online divisions and suits my play only a low rated but he digs my philosophy lol

  6. Happy New year to all. Let's hope 2018 is a happy and prosperous one :up::party:

  7. Happy Christmas one and all. Hope you all get what you wish for 🌲❄☃ :up:

  8. This Rugby League world cup final is Quality. COME ON ENGLAND!!!

  9. Season 4 Sign Up - PS4

    Your in the right place to sign up. Say hi in this thread..http://play2enjoy.ipbhost.com/forum/22-say-hi/ and an admin will be in touch about team availability.
  10. Sorry lads, site was down for unscheduled maintenance. 


  11. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I've been tripping all day.

    1. Cloughy


      I told my wife she drew her eyebrows on too high.

      She seemed surprised.

    2. Dr.Gonzo
  12. Just played 5 a side for the first time in 2+ years... Kill me now!!😫

    1. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      OAP LEAGUE 🤣🤣🤣

  13. On my way to watch the mighty Bantams.   COME ON CITYYYY!!!


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