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  1. @Ashe5

    Pavon, 60m write it up :24:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cloughy


      Charity case that 

      I thought you were dealing in profits :sneaky1:

    3. Ashe5


      Lol who showed you my books.. I knew id made a pfofit the minute i swapped him gor kondogbia

    4. alizawi


      Only because I allowed it

  2. Loving the matchmaking threads getting hammered :hyper:


    1. Ultravires


      Yup, wrong time to post a transfer thread really wasnt it.

  3. @GBR CRY check out B. Almeida in game :up2:

    Yours for 2m to pay his esf mate if you want him

    1. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      He is welcome @ Lyon anytime 

    2. Cloughy


      I didn't know you had him before :D

      I'll write him up, soon as I saw the dreads when I added him.thought you'd want him

    3. Cloughy


      You're :welcome:

  4. New team lists available soon folks, just not had time to finish yet. Later today hopefully!

  5. Don't go to bed yet 

  6. Jungle guides wanted!

    To steer new managers through the harsh terrain

    Apply in here if interested cheers!

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    2. Metalprawn666


      Already told Dave I will guide him 

    3. Ultravires


      nice one lads


    4. Ultravires


      all sorted 

  7. Follow the links in here mate http://play2enjoy.ipbhost.com/topic/14862-jungle-image-rights-3318/
  8. Check out the brand threads mate and pick one that's not taken to use, makes life easier if I can get you in. The brand window closes at 12
  9. Sorry to hear that man, hope everything's getting back to normal for ya. As we hadn't heard from you at all we thought you'd gone. Leagues have been decided now but let me have a look today and see what we can do. I'll drop you a pm mate
  10. You got banned from PEN when I was admin on there. They banned you from signing up across all their sites due to constantly dropping out. If you think it could be different this season mate let us know?
  11. Dude. This threads been here 10 days and you've been on the board since then. Why wait until we say it's closed to say you're staying? The divisions have been sorted now you've missed the cut off. We are taking back up players in case there's any drop outs.
  12. You didn't play a single game last season mate, weren't you removed from the other site for doing it 2 seasons in a row? Dropping out 3 seasons in a row isn't a good look to be honest Rummers. A lot of work goes on to give you guys teams, why would it be different this year?
  13. We have our season 5 contenders Sign ups closed for starting places we are still accepting back ups
  14. League format for PS4 down in draft format :D

    Season 5 edges closer


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